#YPR – Young Professionals Revolution

Welcome to the Verve, Young Professionals Revolution!

Let’s face it the youth, from college graduates and late 20 somethings, are some of the hardest hit in the current recession. Living expenses are up, college tuition is up, unemployement is way up and for those that are working, wages are down. Verve is a company that is changing this reality for young professionals all over the country and around the world.

In this introduction to the company you are going to get a vision of how big this is going to be and exactly how it can change your life. I will let you see it through the eyes of those it has already impacted.

Lets face it, enVerve Magazineergy drinks are huge. How many of your friends are drinking Redbulls, Monster, Rockstar, NOS or any of the other crap laden energy drink that are being used. How many of your friends have ever got a check from one of those companies? The story here is so freaking simple. Throw away your shitty energy drinks and drink Verve, it gives you the energy you want, the nutrition you need, tastes great AND YOU GET PAID TO DRINK IT. The picture to the left is some of our Young Professionals Revolution Leaders. How would you like to see your picture on a future edition?

Verve is one of the coolest companies you are going to find and it is actually good for you.  It is the only energy drink on the market to have full clinical trial ran on the formulation.  So not only does it give you the energy you want it also gives you the nutrition you need and we can prove it.  If you want to see the clinical studies you can click here.  Here is a brief, high energy trailer on the verve product line.

Looks pretty cool right?  Ok so if you are still reading that means that you are keeping an open mind so congratulations.  Now I want to get into some more specific information about the totality of this company Vemma, our future and what it can mean to your future.  This video will go into our other product lines, introduce you to some of the leaders in our company and the timing and trends that helped us to be one of the few companies that posted a growth of over 100 million dollars last year alone.

So what about the MONEY? Here are a few of the great things about the Vemma compensation model.

#1 You are your own boss, which means you can work when you want. However if you don’t work you won’t get paid.

#2 You can build it in your home city, around the country and around the world.

#3 Offers powerful concepts called leveraged and residual income.

#4 Offers a college program where Vemma will pay for part of your college tuition or help you buy a car

#5 Depending on your goals there are systems that can you create a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars a month part time. If you are a big picture thinker we do have people making six and seven figures a year. This takes more effort and more time, but if you have big goals can reward in a way that will set you free.

Watch this video for detail on how this works.

To learn more about the Verve Energy drink click here.

There is so much more that I can share with you, but for now we will leave it here. When I call you back let me know what you liked best about what you saw and the questions that you have. I will get you the resources to get your questions answered and help you start making some money.


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