Question About Network Marketing: Who do I talk to?

Disclaimer: The information in this blog applies equally to Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. We use Network Marketing as the primary because of search relevance.

Who Do I Talk To?

Remember this is a business and while there are many things that are different in our business model there are some things that are the same.

whisperMy niece was recently helping to open a new restaurant, lets look at what they did to market.  After they had all the construction and everything else done they had what is called a “soft opening”, this is prior to the grand opening and it is where friends and families of the employees are able to come down and enjoy the restaurant.   They get to work out the bugs and make sure everything is running smooth, but they also want to impress the friends and family so they come back again and recommend the restaurant to their friends.  Next they schedule the “Grand Opening”.  This is a really big night and they may send a direct mail piece to everyone in 5 mile radius, they may walk into all the business in the immediate area and leave flyers for the employees, they may create a Facebook Page and run targeted ads to those living in the neighborhood.

In other words they talked to friends and family, warm market, and they talked to strangers, cold market.

The exact way we talk to people may be a different, but the concept is the same

Why we should work in the warm and and cold market

If you make the decision to partner and go to work with a company, as well a specific team within the company, they will have training programs to show you the proper way to communicate with your warm market and generate leads in the cold market.

If they don’t there are plenty of third party training sources can teach you what you need to know to become successful in this industry.


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