Questions About Network Marketing – Do I Have To Sell?

Disclaimer:  The information in this blog applies equally to Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.  We use Network Marketing as the primary because of search relevance.

I Don’t Want To Sell, I Don’t Like Sales!

A lot of people have a very negative view of was sales is all about.  Do You?  If you close yocrappy sales manur eyes and get a mental image of sales does it look a little like this?   You know the type of people that brag they can sell ice to Eskimos.   The hucksters, the scheisters.

It makes sense if this is how you view salesman, that you would hesitant or possibly repulsed by the opportunity to join the ranks of  SALESPERSON.  So this fear leads to a common question or objection when someone is looking at the home based business industry.

Is This Sales?  Do I Have To Sell Something?


Sales Is: Getting A Person Intellectually Engaged In A Future Result That Is Good For Them And Getting Them Emotionally Committed To Take Action To Achieve That Result.

If you changed your definition of sales to that.  If you accept the truly great salesperson are problem solvers.  If you believe that sales is about helping people to get a product or service that is going help them get from  where they are to where they want to be.   Does that sound better then the mental picture you had when you first started reading this.

If the product or service or business that you are be asked to partner with don’t meet those definitions then don’t do it, but if they do then realize the gift that you are being given.  The gift of truly making a difference in people lives and making a awesome income to do it.

What could be better?

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