Chris Powell’s Vemma Bod-e Transformation Challenge

In This Brief Video Chris Powell Introduces You To His Vemma Bod-e Tranformation Challenge


I am sure you are starting to feel a sense of excitement, as you watched that video, listened to Chris’ words and imagined how you will feel when you see your perfect body staring back at you in the mirror every day.   To help you start to realize your vision we would like to make it very simple for you to take the next step.  We want to give you four transformational gifts without obligation, risk or pressure.  

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Gift #1:  A free sample of the Chris Powell Bod-e Shake in chocolate or vanilla

Gift #2:  Chris and Heidi Powell’s top 10 diet tips

Gift #3:  A free download of one of the coolest fitness apps on the market from Chris Powell and Vemma

Gift #4:  Spend about 30 minutes with me on a informational webinar where I can show you how this program works, the money you can save and even how to get the whole thing for free.  This will be just you and me, so it will be customized to what you need to know.

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