To Achieve Your Goals You Have To “Sell Out”


Have you ever had the experience where you were completely motivated to acheive your goals, where you just seemed to be “In Flow”?  If you have, you have probably also experienced the opposite.  Those times where you seemed to be in a funk, you just can’t get motivated.  What is the difference in the two experiences?  I went through this transition a couple of years back.

When business was great and I was making good money, I found it very easy to be motivated.  I have my goals, my vision board and all these big plans.  Then when the housing market crashed my carpet cleaning business dropped almost 45% in a matter of months.  This eventually led me to a foreclosure and bankrupcy.  The fruit of this experience was a major funk.  My vision board pissed me off, instead of motivating me.  My big plans became so unrealistic that they had no impact on me.  I felt like a failure and I couldn’t figure out how to get back on the horse.  Then one day I heard a definition of what sales is  from Dan Sullivan (I think).

“Sales is, getting a person intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them and emotionally commited to take action to achieve their goal” 

This is true when you are a selling a customer, but it’s also massivly true when in comes to selling yourself on a worthly goal.

In my opinion, “getting intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for you”, is the easy part of this process, but the magic lays in getting “emotionally committed to take action to acheive that result”

For me these big dreams and the vision board no longer effected me emotionally.  So I started asking myself “What do I get emotional about?”.  I got my answer, I was emotional about having to tell me wife and kids NO on just about everything.  I was tired of not being able to give them what they deserved.  I started to feel pain and I knew I was on to something.  Then I made the pain bigger, I imagined that if I didn’t change something having to tell my kids NO to sending them to college or having to tell me wife NO we can’t retire and enjoy our life.  The pain became intense, but you don’t want to live in the pain.  So I flipped it and came up with one word “YES”, then I designed an affirmation sheet with picture of my wife and kids with a big green “YES” right in the middle of them.  Below I had one simple affirmation “Every NO I get in business in one step closer to telling my wife and kids YES”.

This simple process gave me enough emotional leverage to overcome the fear of failure that I had come to feel.  Now every time I got a “NO” if felt, as corny as this sounds, like a warrior who was out battling for my family.  My sales calls more then doubled, I started walking into businesses cold to introduce them to my services.  Even though I got more “NO’s” then the previous month I also increased my income by over 30% in one month.

What emotional leverage can you use to get committed to achieving your goals?

The above is what worked for me, but “Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It” is to figure out what makes you emotional.  What leverage can you put on yourself that will help you overcome whatever roadblocks are keeping you from reaching your goals.

Spend some time to figure this out and if you choose, put additional leverage on yourself by sharing your emotional drive in the comments below.

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