Why I Love Working With REALTORS!

Whenever I am expanding my business, in any of the 50 states or 50+ other countries around the world, one of the key groups I look to partner with are Realtors. The reason I love to work with Realtors is that you have many of the traits that it takes to become wildly successful in my business. The short list of traits….

Excellent communication

Ability to work independently.

Confident in a production based environment.

Goal oriented and many more…..


Why Do Realtors Love Us?

There’s no one better in relationship selling than those of you in real estate and yet, under the present system there are only three ways you gain monetary benefit from those skills. One is when you sell a property. The second is when the purchaser or seller later refers someone to you and the third is at some point in the future when the client purchases another property. Even though you can make a very high income while you work, if you take a vacation, get sick or if the local market changes your income can drop overnight. That’s why so many financial experts suggest having multiple streams of income in different market categories, it protects you financially. KEY POINT: I am in no way suggesting you leave your real estate career.

The two biggest benefits to my business model are…..

1. Residual Income – How would you like to have a way that you could gain monetary benefit not just 1-3 times during the course of that client relationship, but month after month and for years to come? Each month as you add new clients you will get paid on the new sales, but you will also get paid as your past clients continue to re-order each month.

leveraged income2. Leverage Income – Your broker understands this concept very well because they get paid a percentage of the sales made by all the agents in their office. A broker can leverage their income thru their agents, but the agents only get paid on their individual efforts. With my business model you have the freedom to develop, train and motivate a sales team in all 50 states and up to 50 countries around the world and get paid a percentage of all of your team’s sales.

These concepts of residual and leveraged income are the “secret sauce” of wealth creation and a leading reason of Vemma’s amazing growth and success

Vemma is on a Growth Trajectory

In 2014 we sold over 200 million dollars of our products all around the world.  We won over 96 awards for branding, communication, product launches and conventions. We had an amazingly successful launch of new products and opened new countries as part of our international expansion. Currently we are open for business in over 50 countries around the world.

This video is just a basic overview of our company culture, our product, our leadership team and some of our success stories.  If you find this information interesting let me know when I call you back, or call me at 623-293-7400.

The next step will be scheduling a private phone interview me.  I will take you through a web presentation that will go more in depth and how we can get you into profit the first month.  I will also be able to answer any question you have at that point.


I look forward to speaking with you find speaking with you again soon.  If you want to call me first my number is below.

Success To You,







“Helping You Achieve The Fit and Free Lifestyle”

Direct Line: 623-293-7400

PS Regardless if you are interested in my business, I know you are interested in building your Real Estate Career. This link will take you to a fantastic video series on branding your Real Estate Career online in a simple way. Click Here for free video series. Just look at it as my gift to you for checking out this page.

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