Private: How To Select The Best Home Based Business For You

Disclaimer: The information in this blog applies equally to Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. We use Network Marketing as the primary because of search relevance.

Network Marketing Is On The Rise

The industry is growing rapidly and individuals are joining all the time.   The problem is most people don’t know how to truly evaluate a company.  What makes a company a long term player and what makes a company a fly by the night operation.  You may  get invited to look at something by a friend and join based on emotion, not legitimate business principles.

Network Marketing companies are a business and as with all business 90% will fail in the first few years. So it stands to reason that choosing the right Network Marketing Company is a key element of you becoming successful in the industry. So in this blog I want to show you how to…….

Partner With The Best Network Marketing Company For You.


The Five Criteria for Evaluating a Network Marketing Company

#1 Company

  • Who are the leaders of the company, do they have a track record of success
  • How long have they been in business
  • What are current sales and growth models
  • How much debt do they have
  • Governmental Complaints

#2 Products

  • Is there a demand in the marketplace for them
  • Is there something unique about them. Do they have a story to tell.
  • Are they competitive in price
  • Will people, who have no interest in the business, buy the products for personal consumption
  • Do they have long term growth potential

#3 Training and Marketing Systems

  • How focuses is the company and your team on personal development training
  • Does your company/team train in both warm market and cold market recruiting
  • Do you have company/team provided tools and business systems

#4 Are you passionate about it / Will you have fun doing it

#5 Compensation Plan

  • Leverage and Residual
  • Easy to make a part time supplemental income
  • Possible to make a long term retirement income

I hope this helps you to evaluate the Network Marketing company you are looking at.


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