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Disclaimer: The information in this blog applies equally to Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. We use Network Marketing as the primary because of search relevance.

The First Thing To Know Before Starting a Home Based Business

There are tons of people joining the Network Marketing industry right now. Unfortunately there are also a lot of people failing in the Network Marketing industry. I think one of the reason is they skipped the very important first step that I reveal in this video.

Are You Right For Network Marketing Quiz?

This test is for you only, nobody will see it unless you choose to show it to them. Don’t give the answers you think you should, give the answers on what you actually feel when you read the question. This will only help if you are absolutely honest with yourself.

Mindset questions: True and False

1) I believe I am a person worthy of living the life I dream about.

True or False

2) I believe that I have the potential to be a leader.

True or False

3) I believe in abundance, that there is enough wealth to go around.

True or False

4) I believe that most wealthy people earned it by adding value to other people lives.

True or False

5) My desire for success is more powerful then my fear of failure.

True or False

Give yourself one point for each True Answer and zero points for each False answer.


Mindset question: Multiple Choice

1) I see someone driving a really nice car and I think to myself…….

  • A) Good for them, I can have one too if I really want one.
  • B) So unfair those jerks have that, I could never afford one.

2) When I hear someone talk about a personal development seminar coming to town I think……..

  • A) That would be so cool I would love to hear what they have to say.
  • B) What a waste of time, besides I might miss New Jersey Housewives.

3) I think goal setting is…….

  • A) An important part of my life
  • B) A scam that some people sell to make money

4) The most likely way I can achieve wealth is……

  • A) Positive Mindset + Action + Time + Right Vehicle will lead me to wealth
  • B) Lottery tickets

5) I believe that my retirement plan is the responsibility of…….

  • A) Only me
  • B) My job and the government

For each (A) answer give yourself one point, for each (B) answer give yourself zero points.


Skill set questions

1) I am able to communicate clearly with people.

True or False

2) I am organized and invest my time wisely.

True or False

3) I have the ability to motivate and inspire others.

True or False

4) I have the ability to train others.

True or False

5) I am coachable and am willing to learn from those who have mastered the skills.

True or False

Give your self one point for each True answer and zero points for each False answer. If you answered true to question 5, give yourself points regardless of the rest of the answers.

What is “Are You Right For Network Marketing” Score?

There is a possible 15 points in this quiz. If you scored……

12 – 15 points – You are an excellent candidate for Network Marketing.

Less that 12 points – You need to work on some mindset barriers before you could be successful in Network Marketing or almost any other field. Here is the great news if you want it bad enough and you are willing to do the personal growth that any good Network Marketing Company offers, you can still be an excellent candidate. It may take you a little longer to see success while you are learning, but you will still achieve it here quicker then anywhere else.

There is one last thing you need to know before starting your own business and achieving the freedom that we have been talking about.  You need to know how to properly evaluate a company to partner with.  Making a mistake here can crush your chances of success or even worse, you become successful and have the company fail anyways.

Tomorrow we will fill in the blank for you and show you exactly how to evaluate a company so that you can make the right choice the first time.

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