My Faith Experience

The first thing I want to say is that I don’t believe that a relationship with God is required to achieve success in your life.  Nor can I say that a relationship with God will stop negative things from happening in your life.  As a matter of fact, both Christian and non-Christian will have times of amazing victories and painful defeat in their lives. 

                You may be asking “why in the world are you a Christian then?”  Because, what I do believe is that a relationship with Christ will make all aspects of life better.  To better explain this, I would like to tell you my story…

                I was not raised as a Christian, as a matter of fact, my dad was a great provider, a great dad and a great man, but he also like to party on the weekends and felt that living his life the way he did and going to church would be hypocritical.  For him, that was the worst thing to be, a hypocrite. 

                So for the first 30 years of my life, I rejected Christ.  In that time I had three kids and was twice divorced.  After my second divorce, I was very depressed and somehow found myself sitting on the steps of a local church at 11:00 pm on a Friday night instead of heading to the bar.  I have never been a drinker, but that night I knew it would be a mistake.  At this point my dad had been going to AA for years and was forming a relationship with God. 

                My twin daughters had just started at a Christian school, not because my ex-wife, Angela, and I liked the faith, but because we didn’t like the public school in the area.  A few months into the school year we had to go to a school function during a church service.  Angela and I were divorced, but still friends, so we went together.  We didn’t realize it at first that this was an actual church service until the pastor started his sermon, which just happened to be about divorce.  Talk about exactly the thing we needed to hear.  After being divorced for two years, we decided to try again, but we wanted to do it right.

                We started going to marriage counseling with the pastor and with God’s help and a lot of forgiveness, we were able to move on from our previous lives.  We were re-married, in the church this time, over eight years ago and are still going strong. 

                During the last eight years we have had some incredible victories and some painful losses.  My father and sister have passed away, we lost our home in the recession and we almost lost our business.  Life just continued to unfold as it does for all of us. 

                What I can tell you about life with Christ is, it makes the great times even better, and the bad times bearable.  This is just a chapter of our lives, it’s not the whole story. 

                If you would like to explore a life with Christ, find a good bible based church in your area.  If you are not comfortable with that yet, friend me on Facebook as I post a video of my church’s sermons on most weeks.  My Facebook link is 

All My Best,

Travis Miklethun


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