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The Perfect Business Option for Military Families

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San Diego MCRD 1990

One of the reasons that I choose to work with military families is because I was suppose to be one myself. I enlisted in the Marine Corp right out of high school and had a twenty year plan in place. Go enlisted, be a grunt and have fun. Go through MCECP, get commissioned and become a Marine Aviator. Sometimes plans don’t work out an I ended up getting a medical discharge 3 weeks after my platoon graduated from boot camp. It was devastating to me and for a couple of years I was somewhat lost.

Finally I found another passion and it was the concept of business ownership. I figured if I couldn’t defend the American Dream I may as well live it. After several years of study and trial and error I started my first successful company when I was 28 years old, a carpet and tile cleaning company (that is not what I am talking to you about). Shortly I was making more money than most of my friends and started getting asked by them what they could do to make more money. I didn’t have a good answer, most couldn’t invest 35k and go into a business full time like I did. So I set out to find an answer and I did. In just a minute I will explain exactly what I found, but  first I want to explain why this is……

Solving Problems of Military Families

I can think of no group of people whom is more deserving of living the American Dream than those who volunteer to protect it. With that in mind I can see two large problems that our company solves for military families. These problems were confirmed in an interview our CEO did with Admiral Mullen a few years back when he was still Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

1) Military Pay – When you look at average pay discrepancies between government sector pay and private sector pay, most of the time government pay is higher. For example my sister made $18 and hour and full benefits doing data entry for the post office. An equivalent job in the private sector may pay $12.00 an hour. Military pay, especially lower ranking, is far too low. There is not a real private sector counterpart to compare it to, however, when you see the number of military personal living below the poverty guidelines and being forced into additional government programs like food branches of militarystamps, it is just wrong.

The need for a viable options to allow military personal to make additional income is real, but jobs that would pay decent and have the flexibility to work around your military and family schedule are rare.

2) Military Spouses and Travel – As you get moved around the country and the world from station to station the military spouses are often impacted more than the service member. The service member still has their job and an easy way to make new friends through the brotherhood or sisterhood of service. The spouse typically has to start over each time, finding a new job and a new friend group.

The need for an option that would allow military spouses to take their career with them in all 50 states and over 50 foreign countries that you may get stationed in is huge. Doing it in a way that you can benefit from all the work done at your previous duty station while building more income at your new duty station would be a powerful combination.

Such an option does exist with a company called VEMMA.

Vemma is on a Growth Trajectory

In 2014 we sold over 200 million dollars of our products all around the world.  We won over 96 awards for branding, communication, product launches and conventions. We had an amazingly successful launch of new products and opened new countries as part of our international expansion. Currently we are open for business in over 50 countries around the world.

This video is just a basic overview of our company culture, our product, our leadership team and some of our success stories.  If you find this information interesting let me know when I call you back, or call me at 623-293-7400.

The next step will be scheduling a private phone interview me.  I will take you through a web presentation that will go more in depth and how we can get you into profit the first month.  I will also be able to answer any question you have at that point.



Vemma and the Military

If you can see the power in the information you just heard, lets take a second and lay out how it will benefit you.

Military Pay: This offers many solutions that you will not find elsewhere. The ability to own your business part time, while pursuing your military career. The business and income will continue after you retire or separate from military service. Since it is your business, you can set the hours around your schedule.

Military Travel: Vemma does business in all 50 states and 50 foreign countries. There are very few places that you could get stationed that you could not build your Vemma business. Imagine getting paid 24 hours a day on an international business that you built while traveling with the military.

Perfect Product Line: Your peer group, more than most, are into health and fitness. From healthy energy and hydration drinks, to super nutrients for our kids, to the most complete healthy weight loss product line. These products will be in demand in the military lifestyle.

Thanks so much for investing your time to review this information.   I look forward to answering your questions when I give you a call.  You can also call me anytime at 623-293-7400.  In the meantime if you the type of personal who craves information you can  feel free to check out my company website at  or our team training page.

Success to You,








“Helping You Achieve The Fit and Free Lifestyle”

Direct Line: 623-293-7400

PS Let me also offer my gratitude for your service to our country and by extension, my family.   No matter what you decide about my company you have my deepest respect.


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