How To Make More Money As A Personal Trainer

How To Make More Money As A Personal Trainer.

While helping your clients achieve more.

You got into personal training because you really wanted to help people Right?  You want to help them feel better, look better, have more energy and a better life and you want to make money.  Here is a simple way you can make more money as a personal trainer, while helping your clients achieve more.

You had the best of intention, but then it hits you, it can be difficult to help them achieve such powerful goals when you only get to spend 3 – 5 hours a week with them.

Chris and Heidi Powell, of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, partnered with us to create an awesome program to fill in the time gaps.  In this video they talk to you, personal training professionals, directly.  They show you exactly how you can make more money as a personal trainer, while helping your clients achieve more.

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Bod-e App

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These products and technologies will assist your clients in reaching the fitness and health goals during the times that you are not with them, just like they help the participants on Extreme Weight Loss Makeover Edition reality show.

The best part is all you do is refer your clients to the products.  They purchase through your free marketing website.  The company handles the payment, inventory and shipping, but they send you a check for the referral EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

How To Make More Money Beyond Personal Training

One of the shortcomings of personal training is you are often limited to only helping people within a certain distance around your location.  This also means you are limited to making money from people in that same geographic area.

By working with my team not only do we swing open the doors to the rest of the country and 50 countries around the world.  We also give you the access to benefit from other personal trainers by offering this same program to them.

Here is a brief overview of our business model

So what is the next step?

If I personally invited you to review this information I will checking in with you soon.   I will get your questions answered and if you are ready I will help you get started.  If you don’t see the vision, that is no problem, I will simply wish you luck.

If you found this information on your own please contact me at 623-293-7400.


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