Goal Setting Step 4 – The Secret To Massive Action

The Secret to Massive Action For Goal Achievement

Wow – this is the final installment of my goal setting series.   So in  Step 1 we discussed taking inventory of where you are and writing the story of your perfect year, in  Step 2 we discussed how to turn that Perfect Year story into S.M.A.R.T. goals, and Step 3 covered the emotion of goal setting and how to get leverage on your goals.  Now to the final step we are going to discuss managing your goals daily and I mean managing both the daily activity as well as your mindset and attitude.

Jeff Olson says “It’s not the how you do something, it the HOW YOU DO the How You Do”.  What he basically means is what is the mindset and attitude behind the actions.

If you study self improvement at all you have probably heard about the Law of Attraction.  Many trainers make this seem to be almost a mystical force, a genie in the lamp, that you simple state what you want and it just appears for you.  Why that sound really awesome, I don’t believe that is how it works, but I do believe in the Law of Attraction as a matter fact I think it can be shown scientifically.

The Biology Of The Law Of Attraction And Goal Achievement!

In this brief 5 minute video I will explain how parts of The Law of Attraction can be explained through actual biology and the Reticular Activating System. I will tell you what it is, prove to you that it works and show you how you can harness its power to help you achieve the Results you want in your life.


Your Daily Action Plan For Goal Achievement.

John Maxwell has said that he can predict a persons level of success, with amazing accuracy, by looking at the daily action plan. This is where all the steps we have talked about culminates and is the final thing to determine if you will reach your goals.

What should your action steps be? For the technical steps I am sorry to say, I DON’T KNOW, I don’t know what your goals are. You should now have the information you need to figure them out and if your WHY is strong enough you will. Use your new mentors and resources and follow this simple process PLAN, DO, REVIEW. Don’t expect to get it right the first time, remember we talked about disappointment already. Make a plan, take action and review if it got you closer to your goal. If it didn’t go back to your mentors and go again.

A Trip Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step

The importance of a daily routine.  While I cannot say what the technical steps are for your goals I can outline a routine that will help you manage your decisions and stay on track.

So we start with our Perfect Year vision, from there we used that vision and set the goals that would be required to make that vision come true.  Now you take those larger goals and break them down into one month increments.  If this is JanDaily Routineuary for you, ask yourself what do I need to accomplish in January to reach my primary goal and most importantly break those one month milestone into Daily Activities.

Daily Activities is where goal achievement takes place.  So putting a powerful Daily Routine in place is a HUGE benefit.  Here is what Darren Hardy, the editor of Success Magazine, taught me about Daily Routines.

The very first lesson I learned from Darren is that you can not control every aspect of your day to the minute and trying to do so will lead to frustration and feeling overwhelmed.  This was hard for me to accept, but eventually set me free.  You need to leave flexibility in your day to deal with the crap that comes up, while having a plan to get your most important priorities done.

There are two parts of the day that you can control, Darren calls it Book Ending your day.  The concept here is simple, the first thing you do each day when you wake up and the way you end your day is controllable and used properly can be extremely beneficial.  The first step is to set up a morning routine and an evening routine,  these two routines you must protect and be consistent to see the real benefit.  In these routine is where you can put into play the power of the Reticular Activating System.


Every morning I day I read out loud my PERFECT YEAR STORY, then I read my Yearly Goals, my Monthly Milestone and my MVP’s.   These are my Most Valuable Priorities for accomplishing my goals.  Reading them out loud pulls more of your senses into play which makes it more powerful.  These activities will program you R.A.S and it in will return will start seeking out stimuli that support what you re telling it.  Then I will spend at least one hour working on one my MVP’s before I do anything else.  I like to use Blitz scheduling to make this more effective.  You can find out more about that here.

At the end of every day I go over my accomplishments and if anything was not finished I move it to the next days schedule.  I will also right down any observations of the day, good ideas, problems to solve.  Doing this “brain dump” each night has actually been show to reduce stress, help you sleep better and as a bonus you are less likely to forget things.  Lastly, I will schedule the next days MVP’s.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this series. Please let me know what you think by commenting below.

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