Goal Setting Step 3 – Get Leverage

Get Leverage On Your Goals

This is the third step to power goal setting and achieving.  If you haven’t already read Step 1 and Step 2, please read them first by clicking on them.

Making a goal is the easier part.  The difficult part is managing the daily activities or decisions that it takes to make your goal a reality.   That is because any worthy goal requires change at some level and change often is synonymous with pain.

You have to be prepared for the disappointments that come when you step out and try to do something you have never done before.  Any change will come with resistance, sometimes the resistance is your own belief systems and habits, sometimes the resistance factors are friends and family, or it can be something totally different.  Either way resistance will come and to succeed you have to know what do when it happens.  Jim Rohn refers to this as “disciplining your disappointments”.

I recommend 5 steps to be prepared for disappointment.


Leverage is the key to goal achievement

1. With each goal list all the benefits of achieving it in detail.

2. With each goal list all the negatives of not achieving your goal

(We started the first and second step yesterday when we discussed if your goals Motivated you.)

3. Determine the price you will have to pay, there is always some type of price of pursuing and achieving your goal.  Be willing to pay the price.

4. Get agreement from those closest to you by involving them in the process.  Often they will pay a price for your goals as well.

5. Never ask yourself if achieving your goal will be easy ask yourself if it’s worth it.  If you can answer yes then go on to the next step, if you answer no, focus on a different goal.


Get A Mentor To Help You With Your Goals

A mentor will give you two powerful benefits.  The first is that mentors can supply you with beneficial insight, knowledge and systems to help you achieve your goal.  It is also harder to quit when you have told someone you respect what results you are going to achieve.

You need to avoid the following mistakes when selecting a mentor.

#1  Not thinking you need one.  Put your pride away and forget the concept of figuring it out on your own.

#2  Choosing the wrong mentor.  Don’t go to your broke friends to be mentored about making money.  Don’t go to someone has been divorced 5 times for marriage advice. Instead find someone who has already achieved the goals you desire in a specific area and ask for their help.

There is a good chance they will be willing to help, because odds are they had a mentor to reach their success in the first place.  Most will be willing to pay it forward if they know you are serious.  Share with them the goals you are making and the work you have done and I bet they will help.  Then someday when you are asked to be a mentor you will be willing to pay it forward as well.

If you don’t know anyone, who will act as a mentor, it’s okay there are tons of books, seminars, websites etc. that can help you along the way. I have been trained by many of the best in business, but have met very few of them personally.  You can too.

Make Your Goals Public

Tell your friends and family.  Post them of Facebook and Twitter.  Hang them on your fridge.  The more public they are the more leverage you will have.

Look for tomorrow’s final installment and make the next year your best ever.

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