Goal Setting Part 1, Getting Real

Goal Setting Part 1, Getting Real

Have you ever set a goal, or New Years Resolution, only to fall short of achieving your desired result?  Why do you think this is?  Maybe you didn’t actually want the result.  Maybe you simply weren’t willing to pay the price to achieve it, or maybe you didn’t know how to get the result.  At different times these issues and many others may have derailed you from what you want.

In this series I will share with you what I have learned from some of the leading minds like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Paul Meyer and Darren Hardy to name a few.

To Achieve Your Goals, You Must Know Where You Are Starting.

Before you look forward you must look back and take inventory.  You must know where you are, to properly plan to move forward. Grab a notebook or journal and answer these questions about the year we are just finishing.  Be brutally honest with yourself, if need be.

What is the smartest decision you made this year?

What was your biggest disappointment last year?

What was the biggest risk you took last year?

Did the risk pay off?

What one word best describes last year”s experiences?

List 10 great things that happened last year.

List 5 lessons learned last year.

What are three things you want to STOP doing next year?

What are three things you want to KEEP doing next year?

Take some time to answer these and if it spurs any other questions keep going and get it on paper.

This video describes the benefit of Future Pacing and Goal Setting

The Priority Wheel Keeps Your Goal Setting In Balance

For most people our biggest desire is to be happy, to feel fulfilled and even though these are not “SMART Goals” (more about this tomorrow).  It is the final end result most of us want.  To be truly happy and fulfilled you need to have balance in your life.  I know people who have a lot of money, but are unhealthy.  I know people who are extremely fit, but don’t have good relationships.  There are too many of these examples to list, but the point is simple, if you don’t have balance in your life things will always just seem “off”.

Most people however set goals in the basic categories.  I want to lose weight or make more money is the top two goals every year.  They are great goals when you make them SMART, but if you leave other areas out you will still suffer.

The Priority Wheel has you rank some of the key areas of your life on a scale of 1 – 10 and then you simply connect the dots.  Your goal is make a nice round wheel, in other words balanced, something that will roll down the road of life nice and smooth.  I think you might find, like most of us do, that you may be running your life on a very flat and mangled wheel.  The benefit to exercise is it will help you find other key areas of your life that you may need to make improvements in to achieve balance and happiness.

Tomorrow we will talk about getting SMART, but please do the exercises in this blog first.  Nothing in your life will change until you take some action.  My favorite quote from General Patton is “A good plan acted upon violently today is better then a perfect plan next week”

I hope this series will help you to achieve great things in the coming year.

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