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Now lets get right into this, the company I am working with is a company called Vemma.  On this page I will introduce you to the company and the key elements you need to evaluate for our business model.

Vemma is one of the funnest companies you could work with, but the best part is we are all independent business owners.  In this business model Vemma corporate handles everything from product development, international expansion, legal, payroll and pretty much everything else.   Leaving us to focus on a very few and specific tasks.  As someone who also own a mainstream business I can attest to how much easier Vemma is owning a company where I have to do everything.

Vemma 2013 results were absolutely huge, and 2014 will be even better!

We closed out 2013 with $221,000,000 is sales, an 89% growth over 2011. We won over 96 awards for branding, communication, product launches and conventions. We had an amazingly successful launch of new products and opened new countries as part of our international expansion. Currently we are open for business in over 50 countries around the world.

In this brief 30 minute video I will be walking you through how Vemma can help you achieve, what I call, the Fit And Free Life.  To be able to have and do what you want with out  the barriers of Health, Money or Time.  We will discuss the Vemma business model, their product, and the compensation plan that we can all benefit from.


More Resources

If this video got you so pumped up that you need more information right now and can’t wait until we talk next you can check out my Vemma Affiliate Website, here you can get more information on the company, products and business model.  By the way you can have one just like it for free, when you partner with us.

For information on our training program you can visit our primary Team Training Site:

If you would like to meet some of the leaders click here.

I will contact you soon, but if you want to call or email me my information is below.


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