Spartan Race Review

The Sweaty, Dirty, Bloody, Sore Muscles, Mentally Exhaustive, And Nothing But Smiles Review Of  The Spartan Race


You Will Know At The Finish Line

Have you ever thought about running a Spartan Race.  I just finished my first Spartan Sprint about 48 hours ago and after spending a good hour washing dirt and grime out of every crack and crevice on my body and 2 days allowing my legs to somewhat heal (I can still feel it when I walk upstairs).   I wanted to share my thoughts on the race.


Finish Line

To begin with did I love the race?   HELL YES

Would I do it again?   Abso-freaking-lutly

Do I think you should?  How should I know, but after reading this you can decide for yourself.

I should say that I have ran another obstacle course called the Warrior Dash about 3 years ago, before I went through the Bode Transformation Challenge that helped me lose 46lbs, and have done many 5 and 10’k since.

The Spartan Race is a whole other animal.

The first thing that made it very different is they don’t tell you the actual distance of the race.  They list the Spartan Sprint as 3+ mile and that it has 15+ obstacles.  They do not have a map of the course on their website or a list of obstacles.  When you arrive on race day you will get a map but even then there are several obstacles listed as “Classified”.

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The Number One Adversary to Success Is……..

I just finished an hour long webinar with Darren Hardy, the editor of Success Magazine, where he shared some incredible insights on Success and Achievement.  If you were not there you really missed out, but I wanted to bring you the cliff note version right here.

The Number One Adversary To Success is Distraction

We live in the most technologically connected world ever and all of these powerful tools that are suppose to simplify our lives and increase our productivity, but in reality it often does social media cloudthe very opposite.  We can get lost in the Candy Crush, Facebook updates, Tweets, YouTube, Text Messaging and yes, even blogs like this and many others.  While often these can be good and offer valuable information, like this one, it is very easy to get so involved with them that you finally come up for air you find you used all your productivity time.  Never mind the distractions that offer no real value to your life at all.  This is why so many of us feel like overworked, underachievers!  We feel like we work all day, but get little accomplished.

To maximize your Success you have to be focused and doing the right activities, but you also have to be just as committed to avoid wasting time on the wrong activities.  Ask yourself what are you willing to give up today, if it will help you reach your goals tomorrow.  Do you need to give up Office spaceexcessive time following the news (big one for me), watching TV, playing on the computer or whatever it is for you.  It reminds me of the old quote “To live tomorrow in a way others can’t, you have to work today in a way others won’t.”

In a study done about a decade ago, company executives were asked, how much time did they spend daily on their most important activities.  The answers averaged to about 2 hours a day.  That same study was repeated 2 years ago and the result had dropped to about 30 minutes per day.  These were high level executives and they are having many of the same problems with focus as we are.

To Maximize Your Success You Have To Get Radically Focused

What are your Vital Few?

The vital few are the activities that produce the most actual results when they are acted upon.  This is a concept used by the most hugely successful people like Donald Trump, Richard Branson and the late Steve Jobs.  They spend the majority of their time working on the most important activities that only they can do and they delegate everything else.   focus

In Timothy Ferris’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” he talks about this same concept.  As an example, if your vital few produce a result that is worth a set amount, let’s use $50.00 an hour for this example, then any activities that are worth less than that amount you delegate, allowing you to spend time on the highest production activities.

So do you know what your Vital Few are?  I believe a lot of people do not.  Before you can know, you first need to know what your end result is.   Once you know your end result, find someone who has that result and ask them what highest production activities are.

How To Triple Your Results and Your Success with HIIP

If you are into working out you have probably heard of High Intensity Interval Training as the most effective way to increase metabolic rate, increase calorie burn and shred body fat.   Similarly, High Intensity Interval Productivity is the best way to maximize your success and income.

Here is how it works.  Take one of your most important activities, set a timer for 90 minutes and turn off your phone, don’t check you email or social media and work on the activity until the alarm sounds.  Then you take a break, check voice mail, emails and whatever else you need to do.  Do this 90 minute sprint a minimum of once per day if you are part time in business, two to three times a day if you are full time and your productivity and results will skyrocket.

Don’t Live Your Life to Achieve Your Work Goals, Instead Work To Achieve Your Life Goals

This technique is not about working longer hours.  It is not about spending more time on your business.  IT IS ABOUT working with a focused intensity so that you can accomplish much more in a shorter period of time.  This will allow you not only to get more results, but have more time to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

If this information was beneficial to you share it with your friends below.  I would love to hear your comments as well.

Success to You


Travis Miklethun

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Welcome to the Verve, Young People Revolution!

Let’s face it the youth, from high school to college graduates and 20 somethings, are some of the hardest hit in the current recession. Living expenses are up, college tuition is up, unemployement is way up and for those that are working wages are down. Verve is a company that is changing this reality for young peopVerve Magazinele all over the country.  In this introduction to the company you are going to get a vision of how big this is going to be and exactly how it can change your life.  I will let you see it through it through the eyes of those it has already impacted.

Lets face it, energy drinks are huge.  How many of your friends are drinking Redbulls, Monster, Rockstar, Nos or any of the other crap laden energy drink that are being used.  How many of your friends have ever got a check from one of those companies?  The story here is so freaking simple.  Throw away your shitty energy drinks and drink Verve, it gives you the energy you want, the nutrition you need, tastes great AND YOU GET PAID TO DRINK IT.  The picture to the left is some of our Young People Revolution Leaders.  How would you like to see your picture on a future edition?

Verve is one of the coolest companies you are going to find.  Recently Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher agreed to host our YPR Podcast, where he interview top income earner from #YPR.  This video is just a brief overview of some of the interview he has done it his podcast.


We became the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns and have a 4,000 sq foot nightclub in America West Arena and the Phoenix Suns are actual brand partners with our company.   How legit do you have to be to get approved by the NBA.  Can you see yourself partying in the lounge with your friends.



So you may be asking ok, what is this business all about.   This video is a little longer, but if you truly want to be free you will jump at the chance to watch it.


There is so much more that I can share with you, but for now we will leave it here.  When I call you back let me know what you liked best about what you saw and the questions that you have.  I will get you the resources to get your questions answered and help you start making some money.

If you are so jacked up that you can’t wait for me to call you, feel free to call me at my number below.


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The Secret to Retention

One of the most important things you can ever do in business is to learn the art of retention.  It has been said that acquiring a new clients is three times more expensive than keeping a current client.  The trick is how to do that, how to keep your clients from being seduced by the latest val-pak coupon and even how to keep your team members from falling for the latest shiny object (competing offer).  After all, keeping your team is every bit as important as keeping your clients.

The  Secret to Client Retention (and team members)

This week at church we did a study of the book of Ephesians and part of the sermon jumped out at me.  It amazes me how much of personal development and business trainings are rooted in the Bible.  Don’t worry, if you are not a believer the information in this blog can still be of tremendous value to you.   If you would like to see the whole sermon that I am referencing I have attached the video below.

LoyaltyThe part of the video that I am focusing on is the structure of the town of Ephesia.  At this time in history you really did have a world of two classes, about 2% of the citizens controlled all the wealth.  The wealthy citizens were called Patrons,  the interesting thing is, the Patrons took responsibility for the rest of the citizens.  If they needed something they would go to a Patron to get it. The more people they took care of the higher their standing in the community.  I know on the surface this sounds like a socialist utopia, which I don’t believe in.

The real message is about creating loyalty.  That is what the Patrons did by caring for and helping the citizens.  That is what you need to do to drastically increase client retention.

Under the video I go into the actual steps that you can use to create this type of loyalty with your clients and your team members.


Loyalty Is The Key To Retention

So how can you create that type of loyalty with your clients and your team members?  The type of loyalty that will stop your clients from jumping ship to the lastest discount service provider.  A loyalty that will see your team stick with you through the good and bad times.

The best way to achieve this type of loyalty is through caring and service.  Now hear me on this, when you get right down to it, business exists f0r one primary reason……..To Make Money.  Without that there is no business, so how do you create loyalty and still make money?

Two Quick Tips On Creating Client Loyalty

Understand Lifetime Value of a Client:  I made a huge mistake with one of my clients.  I had a referral source who sent my carpet business a lot of work.  Our agreement was I would give them 10% of any invoice from a client they referred.  Such an awesome deal for me, and them.  One of the clients they had referred me to called me again the next year.  They did not identify themself as a referral and I could not find them in my system, so I gave them my normal new client discount.  I got a call from my referral source a couple weeks later asking about their referral fee.  I actually told them I could not pay it, because I didn’t know they were a referral and I gave  the discount to the client.  If I also paid the referral fee it would remove all profits.  To this day I believe that I was technically right, however, my decision to not pay a $40.00 referral fee has literally cost me thousands of dollars over the past several years.  Had I understood the lifetime value of my client and been willing to lose money on one job to honor them I would have built up loyalty and they would still be referring me today.  Instead I chose to step over dollars to pick up pennies and now some other company is now getting my referrals.

Service After The Sale:  A study was done awhile back that showed most clients don’t remember the name of a service company that they used AND LIKED, six months after the service.  If they forget about you, they cant be loyal to you.  Offering service after the sale and giving beyond their expectations, not only keeps your name in front of them, it builds loyalty.

Creating Loyalty With Your TeamHelping

Give Them a Vision:  Let them understand the mission and vision of your company.  Allow them to feel like they are  part of something bigger than themselves, to feel special.

Understand Their Dreams:  Invest yourself into your teams and show them how the dreams, wants and desires they have for their life can be achieved by being part of your Vision.

There is obviously so much more that can be said about this subject.  Entire books can be written on the subject, but use these tips as a foundation to build your loyalty programs on.  If you have any examples of great ways to build loyalty that I have not discussed, feel free to comment below, I would love to hear your input.

Success To You,


Travis Miklethun





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Goal Setting Step 4 – The Secret To Massive Action

The Secret to Massive Action For Goal Achievement

Wow – this is the final installment of my goal setting series.   So in  Step 1 we discussed taking inventory of where you are and writing the story of your perfect year, in  Step 2 we discussed how to turn that Perfect Year story into S.M.A.R.T. goals, and Step 3 covered the emotion of goal setting and how to get leverage on your goals.  Now to the final step we are going to discuss managing your goals daily and I mean managing both the daily activity as well as your mindset and attitude.

Jeff Olson says “It’s not the how you do something, it the HOW YOU DO the How You Do”.  What he basically means is what is the mindset and attitude behind the actions.

If you study self improvement at all you have probably heard about the Law of Attraction.  Many trainers make this seem to be almost a mystical force, a genie in the lamp, that you simple state what you want and it just appears for you.  Why that sound really awesome, I don’t believe that is how it works, but I do believe in the Law of Attraction as a matter fact I think it can be shown scientifically.

The Biology Of The Law Of Attraction And Goal Achievement!

In this brief 5 minute video I will explain how parts of The Law of Attraction can be explained through actual biology and the Reticular Activating System. I will tell you what it is, prove to you that it works and show you how you can harness its power to help you achieve the Results you want in your life.


Your Daily Action Plan For Goal Achievement.

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