How to increase your sales by 300%!

Attention Sales Professionals

If you do any type of sales, marketing or lead generation this information is going to be invaluable to you. As a sales professional you are responsible for creating you own income and if I can show you how you can increase your closings up to 300%, what will that do to your income? Boom!

What are you going to do with all that cash? Before you start spending, or saving, all that new income let me show you exactly what I am talking about.

This video was shot at a local business group that I was speaking at in Phoenix, AZ.

How to Increase Your Sales By 300%!


So I bet by now your are just itching to know what your Success Personality Profile is.  Well you can find out by clicking below.

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Do your personality type surprise you.  Below I will show you some of the suggested sales techniques for each personality type.  Take a look at your and see how accurate they are, but first you probably want to know how you can use this system to create more sales, help more people and make more money in your own business.   Our information webinar, that we offer 6 times per day will get you going.

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Be professional, organized and on time, every time.

Give them a step by step plan or a system.

Don’t hype or use high pressure tactics.

Have your facts straights and your resources in place so you can prove to them any claims that you make.

Minimize the risk of taking advantage of your offer.


Be cool and dress to impress.

Display excitement and enthusiasm.

Skip small talk and get straight to bottom line.

Have a sense of urgency.

Sell the sizzle. lifestyle and dream.

Do not overload with to much detail, charts or information.


Be authentic and genuine.

Care more about them then you do about the money.

If possible introduce them to other members of your team or get them connected with other customers.

Talk about causes and charities that you are involved with and if possible how they can be part of it.


Be smart and know your information.

Have resources and documentation in place that you can provide them with to study.

Stay logical in your approach and don’t get overly emotional or excited.

Be able to debate or defend your product or service, or bring someone who can.

Allow them to think about it, they really are.

That was just a quick overview of some the sales tips for each personality type.  The full report you will and additional training that are available through the Global Bank Academy will go into much more detail on how each type and how to help them and more money in the process.

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