Spartan Race Review

The Sweaty, Dirty, Bloody, Sore Muscles, Mentally Exhaustive, And Nothing But Smiles Review Of  The Spartan Race


You Will Know At The Finish Line

Have you ever thought about running a Spartan Race.  I just finished my first Spartan Sprint about 48 hours ago and after spending a good hour washing dirt and grime out of every crack and crevice on my body and 2 days allowing my legs to somewhat heal (I can still feel it when I walk upstairs).   I wanted to share my thoughts on the race.


Finish Line

To begin with did I love the race?   HELL YES

Would I do it again?   Abso-freaking-lutly

Do I think you should?  How should I know, but after reading this you can decide for yourself.

I should say that I have ran another obstacle course called the Warrior Dash about 3 years ago, before I went through the Bode Transformation Challenge that helped me lose 46lbs, and have done many 5 and 10’k since.

The Spartan Race is a whole other animal.

The first thing that made it very different is they don’t tell you the actual distance of the race.  They list the Spartan Sprint as 3+ mile and that it has 15+ obstacles.  They do not have a map of the course on their website or a list of obstacles.  When you arrive on race day you will get a map but even then there are several obstacles listed as “Classified”.

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