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You may remember a car commercial that played awhile ago, then again you may not because most advertising doesn’t work.  I remember the commercial, but I couldn’t tell you what car they were advertising.  (did you catch how the But worked in that last sentence).

Here is the part of the commercial that I want to draw you attention to, the concept of the commercial was to advertise all the features that come standard with the car.   It show a nice couple going into a Chinese restaurant and ordering Sweet OR Sour Chicken and by the look on their faces it just tasted flat out nasty.  They looked at each other and said I like AND better.   Meaning, for the food, Sweet And Sour Chicken, and for the car it included this feature AND that feature AND the other feature.

Well I too, like AND better.

When you replace the word BUT with the work AND it automatically changes the feeling of the statement.

Try to use the word AND, followed by a negative statement.

“Yes honey I really want our relationship to work out AND I just don’t see how it will.”

Sound funky doesn’t it?

That’s because when you use the word AND it naturally wants to follow the feeling of the previous statement, where the BUT is going to reverse the feeling of the previous statement.

That same sentence using a normal BUT statement and then the more powerful AND statement.

“Yes honey I really want our relationship to work, BUT I just don’t know how to do it.”

“Yes honey I really want our relationship to work AND I won’t give up until I find a way.”

Or how about this to your kids.

“I really want you to go to college also, BUT there is no way I can afford to do it”

“I really want you to go to college also AND if we work together I am sure we figure out a way”

The AND statement leaves the conversation on a positive note and both parties know that they are working towards a goal.

Where a But statement eliminates future effort, the And statement pushes future effort.

What about your subconscious mind?

It really isn’t much different, it is just related to your self talk instead of interpersonal communications.

Look at the difference in self talk…

“I really need to lose weight, BUT I have failed every other time.”mind

“I really need to lose weight AND this time I will figure out how to do it right.”


“I really want the freedom of owning my own business, BUT I am not smart enough.”

“I really want the freedom of owning my own business AND I will do whatever I need to do to get the knowledge to make it work”


“Of course I want to go to my high school reunion, but I can’t afford to take the time off work”

“Of course I want to go to my high school reunion AND I will see if there in way to make it work with my work schedule.”

The BUT statement lets your subconscious mind off the hook, it reinforces past failures, pain or future fears and the subconscious mind will default into protection mode and have you avoid the activity.

Whereas the AND statement lets or your subconscious mind know that there is more work to be done.  It gives your subconscious mind a direct task to work on so it does not default to the standard “avoid pain” programming.  The power of your subconscious mind is once it is given a task to work on, it will continue to work on it until it finds an answer or you change the task.

What if it something that you just simply don’t want to do?

Then it is simple, let you no be no and don’t try to sugar coat it.

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